Measures we have taken

We employ a number of measures to ensure the security of your credit or debit card information on this site. All communications are protected with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. As you access payment area of this site, you will see a padlock in your browser's address bar or status bar indicating the transfer of all data between your browser and our site has been encrypted.

All pages on this site are encrypted. You can quickly tell if pages are encrypted by looking at the address bar and the padlock. If a page is encrypted, the URL will begin "https://" and the padlock will appear. If the page is not encrypted, the URL will begin "http://".

This web site is centrally hosted in a secure facility that meets industry standards for security and data protection. Your credit card information is not stored on this site. The site forgets your card number as soon as the transaction is processed.

Your responsibilities

Your online safety finally rests with you taking care to check the bona fides of any internet site where you do business. Internet pages are easily copied and faked. Nothing on any web page (including this one!) should be taken to identify the real authors of the page, or the real destination of any information you enter. Your only guarantees of the 'real identity' of a web site are the address bar and the padlock.

On encrypted pages, the padlock is your guarantee of the page's authenticity. Before you enter your card number on a web site, you should double click the padlock and check the organisation named on the site certificate is in fact the organisation you want to transact with, or, as in our case, a reputable agent. The screenshot below demonstrates how to do this. A site certificate is only trustworthy if there are no certificate errors when the page loads. You should generally not proceed with a transaction if you see such errors.

For all other pages, the name of the site in the address bar is your guarantee of the page's origin. You can be reassured if the URL in the address bar contains a name you can look up in the phone book. This site,, is operated by the Local Government Management Agency, Local Government House, 35-39 Ushers Quay, Dublin 8 D08 EV9T. Tel: 01 6332200. Email: